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There's no doubt that even throughout the year, socks are essential. Comfortability aside, socks protect our feet from disease and injury.

Something of that importance deserves to be treated just as well, and that's where we come in.


We are sock importers and distributors, also specializing in custom orders with flexible Min Q'ty.

As a company, we supply all kinds of colorful, bright, fun, and dynamic designs for men, women, and children alike, doing it with excellent quality and competitive prices. 



We can say with pride that our experience and attention to detail have and still bring over 25 years of customer satisfaction.

One visit to our office and warehouse will make it clear that our sourcing, quality control, and production are unrivaled. 


We welcome any thoughts or advice you may have regarding our socks with open arms!


Feel free to contact us at 732-416-8922 or

our email, sales@everbrightinc.com

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